How To Store Fishing Rods: Step By Step Guide

As you’re invested in a fishing rod, you may think about keeping it in a safe place, As fishing rods are important equipment for those who love fishing.

Fishing rods can be a pain to store. They take up space and can be a nuisance if you have to move them around often.

There are a few different ways to store fishing rods, and each has its own benefits.

So through this article, I will guide you on how to store a fishing rod, so that it remains dirt & damage free.

How To Store Fishing Rods

Benefits of Storing Fishing Rods

1. Remains Damaged Free

If you can Properly store your fishing rods, then it can get out of danger and damage-free.

Besides, if you do take care of it, it can affect your fishing, your rod line may become snapped, and that’s how you may lose a big catch. So it’s necessary to store it, so that is not get scratched by something.

2. Long-Lasting

When you store it properly, the rod will not be heavily scratched or damaged and remains long-lasting.

This can help you keep your rod in good condition for a longer time period. Storing in a safe place also ensures not to bend the rods unnecessarily.

3. Save Money

Keeping your fishing rods safely helps you not to replace it, or buy a new one. You can use the same rod for a long time.

That’s how it prevents you from wasting money. Besides, your fishing rod will last longer and will be able to offer you better catches than before.

Steps to Follow Before Storing Your Fishing Rod

Step 1) Clean Your Fishing Rods

It will be good to check if the rods are clean or not. Make sure that your rods are completely dry before storing.

If there is any water on the fishing rod, it will cause rust and damage to the fishing rod.

Step 2) Separate other parts

Keeping apart the other parts like reel, and line will be more helpful if you’re planning to store it for a long period.

Step 3) Repair

Before going to store them, Its is the best time for you to check whether the rod has any damage or not.

Pay attention to the reel, line, hooks, and lures and try to repair them, if not possible then it’s good to repair.

How To Store Fishing Rods: Step by Step Guide

Step 1) Select Storage Type

There are different type of storage options for storing your fishing rod, you can choose by your availability of space.

You can keep them horizontally and vertically, if you choose the horizontal option, you may use a rack that can keep the rod off the ground, following this way you can hold the rod on your wall or on the ceiling. Thus you can save floor space.

Moreover, if you have enough floor space, you can use a vertical rack, which is more accessible.

Step 2) Find Out Where to Store 

You can store it in your home, basement, or in your garage. Depending on the environment you can store it at your home because your home temperature is not much more than your garage or basement.

But if you find it ok, then you can keep it there. Because high temperatures can cause the materials of the rods.

Step 3) Choose How to Store

Basically, it depends on the type of rack you’re using, you can store your rod in a container, rack, or rod holder. that’s also helpful while You’re traveling for a fishing trip.

Now I will discuss with you some of the storage options that you can choose:

Rod Racks

You can store many rods in racks, it is designed like a box and is easy to carry. you can put in a group that’s really flexible to use.

Wall Mounts

The wall mount is available both in vertical and horizontal options. Basically, these rod holders are advanced and expensive, you can choose one by your budget.

Ceiling Hanger

This is the most beneficial way of storing. This storing method saves your floor space. But one of the problems is that it is not accessible.

Tips for Storing Fishing Rods:

Measure the rack size

Measure the rack, and check that it can fit by rod size. 

Clean lines

Dirty lines can make bacteria, so before storing first, clean it. Moreover, it will enhance the performance of catching fish, if you can keep it safely & clean.

Keep the line loose 

When storing keep the line loose, if you tighten the line and keep it for a long time, that will damage your reel.

Keep the reel separately

Keep the reel separate, because that helps remove the reel from the stand. Moreover, you may scrape the paint coating from the rod during removing the reel from the stand. you can use a reel cover to protect it

Be careful about the Weather

It will be good if you keep the rod at your home. Besides, don’t leave your fishing rod outside, that can be damaged through rain, heating, snow & wind.

Keep Loose the drag system 

When You’re storing for a long period of time, keep the drag system loose, which helps you to avoid damage.

Reasons Behind Storing Fishing Rods

There are numerous reasons that people should store their fishing rods. Some of the reasons described below:

To Safe From the Sun Hitting

You can keep the fishing rod in a place where it will not be damaged due to the sun. The sunlight is harmful to the fishing rods. It can damage the reels and also the rods.

Avoid Rusting

The metal used in the fishing rods are made up of very strong metals. But it can rust out when exposed to water. To avoid any damage, keep the rod in a dry place.

Safe from Breakage

The fishing rods are very fragile. So it is better to keep them in a dry place. The rods can break easily when exposed to water or moisture.


How to store fishing reels?

Remove the reel from the rod, remove the external side plate and store it in a cool dry place.  put a plastic bag on the reel, and put it at your home, so that can avoid dust and dirt.

Where to store fishing rods?

If you don’t have enough space for the fishing rod, choose a place that has good air circulation, and is also dry.

Some people store their fishing rods in the garage and it works fine.

How to store fishing rods on a pontoon boat?

If you have a pontoon boat, you can put the fishing rod in the storage box and store it somewhere. The pontoon boat has good space, and it can avoid dust and dirt.

Can you store fishing rods outside?

It depends upon how you use the fishing rod, if you want to store it outside, please make sure that your storage area is well ventilated.

You also need to make sure that there is enough space for the fishing rod.

Can you store fishing rods horizontally?

Yes, you can store the fishing rods horizontally. You need to make sure that the space for the fishing rod is enough for it to move freely, but it does not get tangled with other things in your storage area.

How to store fishing rods in an RV?

If you’re storing a fishing rod in an RV, a fishing rod storage bag will ensure that you have a few more accessible rods.

Preparation bags often have features like straps or handles, making it easier to carry them outside of the RV to the water.

How to store graphite fishing rods horizontally?

If your fishing rod has a graphite shaft, you can store it horizontally. If the handle is made of hardwood, it will not be able to bend when stored in a horizontal position.

So you’ll have to wrap it in something soft and flexible like an old towel or blanket.

How to store fishing rods in winter?

If you’re planning to store your fishing rods during the winter months, you may want to wrap them in an airtight bag.

This will prevent them from getting damaged by moisture and will keep them dry during storage.

How do store fishing rods vertically?

If your fishing rod has a graphite shaft, you can store it vertically. You should wrap the handle in something soft and flexible like an old towel or blanket.

If the handle is made of hardwood, it will not be able to bend when stored in a vertical position.

How to store fishing rods in the car?

Here are some tips on how to store your fishing rods in a car:

Use a rod storage case. This is the most common way to store your fishing rods. Basically, it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, so that you can use it for your needs.

Get a boat storage box. If you’re going on a long fishing trip, you might want to consider getting a storage box for your rods.

It will ensure that they don’t get damaged while you’re away and it’ll also make it easy to store them when you get home.

If you have a lot of fishing rods, storing them in individual boxes is going to be pretty difficult.

Fortunately, there are special rod organizers that allow you to store your rods in a way that makes it easy to find the one you’re looking for.

Use a rod holder. If you have a lot of rods, or if you want to keep your rods in a way that allows you to easily access them, consider getting a rod holder.

In conclusion, Properly storing the fishing rod can enhance longevity. It will also help to avoid the damages caused by water. Also, it will keep your fishing rod safe from damage. Keeping the fishing rod in a wet place can lead to rusting.

So It is very important that you store your fishing rods correctly.

Hope you can understand how to store fishing rods. Follow these given guidelines and next time you don’t have to think twice about the way to store your fishing rods.